How to Use WinnerOdds

1. Initial Considerations

In this section, we will explain how to bet using WinnerOdds.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you take the time to carefully read and understand all the information provided. We know that the excitement to get started as soon as possible surpasses the desire to go over all the information, but keep in mind that this information could make the difference between winning or losing money.

Remember that from this point on, you are accountable for your own actions, so the more you know about WinnerOdds, the more benefits you will get out if it.

1 Minimum Bankroll to Invest: €1,000

The bankroll is the total amount of money that you have decided to invest in WinnerOdds.

We bet as an investment. We don’t bet to replace other income or depend on it. This is why it is very important for you to be aware that your bankroll should be an amount you have in your savings and that neither you nor your family needs; an amount that you are willing to lose and that you would not modify according to the results (meaning you will not add nor withdraw more money).

WinnerOdds does not require a minimum or maximum initial bankroll, since our betting recommendation system works with any given amount. However, we recommend that your initial bankroll be higher than €1,000.00.

If your bankroll is lower than that, the net profit that you will get during the first few months will be limited by it and the time you invest in betting may not be profitable.

2 WinnerOdds Sign-Up

In order to access the profitable prediction page “Odds” you need to register and purchase your WinnerOdds subscription on our Check Out page, where you will need to provide your username, email address and contact information.

2. Bookmaker Sign-Up

In order to use the information provided by the application, you must be registered in some of the online bookmakers that are monitored by WinnerOdds.

Click on the following link to find bookmakers currently being monitored by WinnerOdds and where you can find odds we offer:

Our general recommendation is to consider the maximum possible number of bookmakers for two main reasons:

  1. By having access to odds on a number of different bookmakers, you have the chance to choose the best betting odd from a number of options for a single event. Betting always on the best betting odd increases your profits and reduces your loses.
  2. By having access to more bookmakers, you win by the number of bets. You also diversify your profits among them. This way we delay bookmakers from limiting us for our gained profits, prolonging our accounts’ service life.

Note: If you are new to this world and would like to start out using just one bookmaker (even though we recommend having several bookmakers), we recommend Bet365, MarathonBet or WilliamHill to be your first bookmaker.

Note: If you request the welcome bonuses that bookmakers “give out for free”, do not forget to thoroughly read the “rollover” conditions (minimum bet amount required to be able to withdraw the bonus amount). Most of them have requirements that are hard to meet and it is good to know them beforehand to avoid unwelcome surprises.

3. How to Use WinnerOdds.

If you already have an active WinnerOdds subscription you are probably eager to start placing bets.

The ODDS page shows all the recommendations for profitable betting displayed in their characteristic green boxes.

You have to make some adjustments and understand certain key concepts about the tool to make sure you use it to its fullest before you start placing bets.

The application’s optimum results are obtained if used correctly.

Please read the following. It won’t take you more than 15 minutes.

1 Choose from the Odds page bookmakers where you have an open account

You will find by default at the Odds page the following 5 active bookmakers:

  1. Bet365
  2. WilliamHill
  3. Betfair
  4. MarathonBet
  5. 888sport

Click on the “Bookmakers” button at the upper right hand corner of the screen and choose the bookmakers where you have an open account. We will display their updated odds at the Odds page.

Casas de apuestas monitorizadas WinnerOdds

2 Enter your bankroll

Once you have decided on the amount of money that you want to invest in WinnerOdds,
indicate it in the application by entering the amount that you have decided to invest in WinnerOdds in the box “Bankroll”. Click on it and enter the amount.

Banca para apostar WinnerOdds

3 The Minimum Profitable Odd defines the Profitable Odds

WinnerOdds Minimum Odd is the odd calculated by our algorithm from which a bet has a EV+ (Positive Expected Value).

That is, if you place a bet over the Minimum Odd, we know that it is a profitable bet.

At the Odds page we show you the Minimum Profitable Odd in the column with black background located next to the players.

Cuota Mínima Rentable WinnerOdds

The player who is predicted to win by WinnerOdds is displayed in green with all the Minimum Odd information next to it.

In this case, WinnerOdds has estimated that a minimum profitable odd for player Shuai Zhang is for 1.315

All odds found in any bookmaker for over 1.315 are Profitable Odds.

Besides displaying the Minimum Odd, WinnerOdds monitors and updates all of the bookmakers’ odds for each event and records them to the right of the Minimum Odd.

When an active bookmaker’s odd is over the Minimum Odd, it is displayed in green a signal for us to start betting.

WinnerOdds Value Betting


For the examples mentioned above, bookmaker MarathonBet (1.34) and 888sport (1.33) have odds higher than the Minimum Odd (1.315) and are displayed in green.

In the same example we can see how bookmaker Bet365, William Hill and Betfair’s odds are below the Minimum Odd. In this case they are displayed in red for you NOT to bet on those bookmakers.

Note: The odds are live and are updated every few minutes. When the green odds fall under the Minimum Odd, they automatically become red for us not to place bets, and the other way around.

A note on Odds Range

We, at WinnerOdds, find profit and bet on odds starting at 1.083.

It is very important to remember that all bets that are displayed in green at WinnerOdds are profitable and you have to place them. Their range does not matter.

The key to not care about what odd range to bet on is to understand that WinnerOdds is not predicting which match is going to win or lose. What WinnerOdds is doing is to tell you which odds from which bookmakers are a profitable investment.

Place bets systematically on these Profitable Odd. You will profit in the long run, regardless of the odd range.

This is why you should always remember two things:

  1. Do not discriminate any bet for its odd range. All the odds that we display in green are profitable in the long run.
  2. Always place bets over the Minimum Odd. If you place a bet below the Minimum Odd, you are doing it under your own judgment and responsibility, and even though you may win some of the bets, in the long run you will lose against the bookmakers.

4 Bet Amount

WinnerOdds automatically calculates, using the Kelly Criterion, the amount in euros that you are to invest on each bet. Your bankroll and the bookmaker’s updated odd are taken into consideration when calculating.

WinnerOdds Tamaño de Apuestas

As shown in the example, the recommended bet amount is displayed below the bookmaker’s updated odd, and it is only displayed in the boxes with an odd over the Minimum Odd. The amount is adjusted depending on your bankroll and the bookmaker’s odd.

5 Choose the best odd, place your bet and wait

As you may have seen, your active bookmaker´s odds are displayed from left to right and according to their profitability from high to low.

As a rule and every time possible, place a bet on the best green odd of every event. You will find it to the left of the row.

In the example we are using this bookmaker would be MarathonBet with a 1.34 Odd and a €22 bet amount.

WinnerOdds Cuota monitorizada actualizada

A pop-up menu is displayed by clicking on the green odd, in which two editable fields are shown with the last bookmaker’s odd read by our system and the recommended amount you have to bet.

Pop-up apuestas WinnerOdds

Now, to finish the bet you go to the bookmaker, find the event, verify that the odd has not changed and bet the recommended amount.

Once the bet is placed, simply click on the SAVE button and it will be saved in your personal betting history.

This bet you just placed is displayed in yellow to remind you that you have already bet on this match. And the bet amount is changed to €0.


Important: If you were able to place a bet on a bookmaker with the highest available odd of the total of the bet recommended amount, you would have COMPLETED this bet and it is saved under the filter “Completed” to differentiate them from the bets you are still to place.

If you want to see or edit a completed bet, simply activate the “total” filter and it will be displayed in yellow.

filtro Apuestas WinnerOdds

6 Save the bets in “Follow-up”

Saving the bets that you placed with the correct information is important for 2 main reasons:

  1. By checking the bets, you will see them already placed and it will keep you from making the same mistake again.
  2. Save the amounts that were bet so they are stored in your available personal WinnerOdds tracking tool.

What do I do if I get to the bookmaker and the match odd is lower?

Even though WinnerOdds updates the bookmakers’ odds every few minutes, during this time the odd may have changed.

If you go to the bookmaker and the match odd is lower compared to the amount on the Odds Page, edit the “Current Odd” field to the updated odd value the bookmaker is offering and you’ll see how the field “Amount” automatically updates to adapt the obtained profit to the expected value of the odd you just entered.

Imagine you get to MarathonBet and the odd dropped to 1.30.

If the odd dropped below our Minimum Odd (for example, 1.315), the Pop-up menu will turn red to inform you NOT to place a bet.

Apostar por debajo de cuota mínima WinnerOdds

If this happens, just do not place a bet and let this pick go. Don’t worry. There are many more to come.

Note: If the odds drop or there are no green odds in any of your active bookmakers, the event disappears since bets cannot be placed.

7 Complete all the bets

Completing a Bet: place a bet or complete the total of the bet recommended amount.

If, for any reason, you are not able to complete the recommended total amount at a single bookmaker, try completing the bet using other bookmakers that offer the same match and have odds above the Minimum Odd.

That is, to Complete a Bet.

What do I do if I am not able to bet the total amount of the recommended bet?

WinnerOdds Value Betting

Using the same example as before, we see, for example, that you are not able to place the WinnerOdds total recommended amount in MarathonBet (€22) in favor of Shuai Zhang at a 1.34 odd because there are insufficient funds in your bankroll or there is a limit in the market.

In this case, click on the green odd and edit the “amount” field in order to place a bet.

Totalizar una apuesta WinnerOdds

Enter the amount that you are able to bet (for example, €10), verify that the information is correct and save the bet.

Since you did not complete the bet, it will continue to be displayed in the “Green” Odds filter until you are able to complete it with other bets in the same bookmaker, or others:

Totalizar una apuesta WinnerOdds

As you can see at the top image, the bet amounts have been updated and WinnerOdds indicates that you still need to bet €12 in Marathon or total the bet by betting €13 on a 1.33 odd in 888sport.

So, let’s go there.

Tamaño de Apuesta Actualizado WinnerOdds

Click on the 888sport odd, open a window and save the €13 bet.

Once this second bet is saved, since you have now completed this bet, the match is displayed in yellow and it is saved in the “Completed” filter.

Totalizar apuesta WinnerOdds

If you click on a saved bet, a pop-up menu is displayed with the information on your bet as shown in this picture:

WinnerOdds Apuesta Marcada

Please Note: remember that you can also save two different bets in the same bookmaker. For example, when the bookmaker does not allow you to add more stake but after a while it lowers the odd and allows you to place bets again.

In this case, click on the yellow odd (already placed) and a yellow window is displayed. Enter the “Odd” and “Amount” fields and save it again.

Don’t worry if you make a mistake. You can uncheck the bet at anytime by clicking on it. You can then correct it and save it again.

8 Activate email notifications

If you have not yet done so, access the link in your account where you can check your membership, change your password, select preferences, and activate email bet notifications:

Preferencias Cuenta WinnerOdds

If you are persistent, disciplined, and brave, there is no doubt you will become a Winner!

If you have any other questions, please contact us by clicking on the Contact page, although we recommend you go to the frequently asked questions (FAQ).

4 Bankroll Management. Frequently update your bankroll. It increases WinnerOdds results.

What all the gamblers want is to increase their profits to their maximum and as fast as possible while decreasing risks and preventing drops (they are always there) Well, those two things can only be achieved by frequently updating your bankroll.

Note: To update your bankroll means to add your profits and/or deduct your loses in order to recalculate the bet amount at a particular moment.

Updating your bankroll in times of positive results increases it faster because the bet amounts increase. When the variation affects our picks and we obtain negative results, adjusting the bankroll will ease the fall and avoid higher bankruptcy risks.

WinnerOdds users do not have to calculate the bet amount based on a stake since the application automatically calculates it in euros based on your available bankroll. In this case, it is very important to establish your Bankroll everyday.

1 How do I calculate my Bankroll in WinnerOdds?

Ideally your bankroll is your available amount plus the sum of all the amounts of your open bets.

However, to calculate the amount in all of your bookmakers is a little tricky. The easiest thing to do is to look at your personal tracking tool and add all of your profits and deduct all of your loses from your initial bankroll.

This way, it is easy to calculate your Bankroll. You just have to add the “profit” field at the “follow-up”page to your initial bankroll to know your total available bankroll.

Total Bankroll (to bet) = Initial Bankroll + Profits Obtained

Let’s say you started a week ago and decide to invest €2000 in 3 bookmakers. Up to today your follow-up tool indicates that you have a profit of €200:

Beneficios WInnerOdds 1 Semana

If you started out with a €2000 bankroll and have made €200 profits, your bankroll as of today is €2200.

If these amounts were not profits but loses, you would also have to update your bankroll by deducting the amounts previously mentioned. Therefore, you would have to continue betting with a €1800 bankroll.

Create a routine and frequently check your follow-up page to update your bankroll according to the results that you are getting.

Please Keep in Mind: It is necessary to update the bankroll amounts (once a day is enough), especially if the difference in the bankroll is large (both positive and negative). Therefore, the recommended bet amount is adjusted to the results obtained.

Please click on the the following link to go to our blog and read our article on Money Management in Sports Betting:

5 Number of Bets.

The more green bets you place, the more profits you will obtain. You’ll get to the long run and therefore, the less the variation will influence your bankroll.

It is not necessary to have a minimum amount of bets in WinnerOdds for it to be profitable.

You neither have to place 100% of the bets that are displayed in our Betting History for it to work.

An average WinnerOdds user is placing about 60% of all bets. It is an average of 11-12 a day.

On days when many profitable odds are shown, it is possible for you to have to use most of your bankroll, even all of it. If you do not have enough money in your bankroll or wish not to have it all in open bets, you can arrange the bets by the match date and leave later bets for later matches, so you are able to update your bankroll and calculate the bet amount according to the results you obtain.

1 WinnerOdds Traceability

– A summary on the system’s traceability and WinnerOdds betting history –

In our Betting History:  we only show bets that our users were able to place. If no user was able to make a prediction that what we made, this prediction is not shown on that betting history.

Therefore, the betting history does not contain all of the bets posted by WinnerOdds but those that at least one user was able to place.

If you have any questions on the odds that we post in the betting history, you may verify them at websites such as Oddsportal, where their activity is posted in detail.

6 Risk and Profit.

Before you begin, you have to know that betting is not risk-free. It is not a certificate of deposit.

If you have not read our Letter to New Users yet, we recommend you do so at

Remember that when you place bets, you are risking your money in order to obtain profits.

Also be sure to understand that there might be times when you have your total bankroll amount placed in open bets.

It is possible for the account to go through loss periods, even for several weeks. However, if you frequently update the bankroll you use to calculate the bet amount, the bet amount will adapt to the results and decrease bankruptcy risks until positive results are obtained and the bankroll and bet amounts can be increased.

Using WinnerOdds can be taken as a medium/high risk investment and a very high medium term (months) profitability.

Our method has been tested for over two years with positive results. Of course, past winnings do not guarantee future ones, especially short term, but we hope all WinnerOdds members receive profits if they place enough bets.

Note: If you run out of money in a specific bookmaker, do not give up. Transfer money from another bookmaker where you have profits and continue placing bets on the best odd by comparison. We recommend you understand and use virtual wallets (Skrill and Neteller) to flexibly manage and move your bankroll among bookmakers.

This is very common when you play with high bankrolls because the bets are higher and you don’t have the same bankroll in all bookmakers. Losing a specific bet does not mean that the rest of that bookmaker’s bets are to be lost.

Please Keep in Mind: Update your bankroll regularly and do not use bookmakers where you can place bets without any money.

7. Advanced Options

In this section we explain how to use the advanced options that you will find and what you are able to activate at the gear icon located at the top left of the Odds predictions page, next to the “activate bookmakers” button.

Opciones Avanazadas WinnerOdds

WinnerOdds users do not need any of the advanced options to take advantage of the tool. They are just plugins that we have been putting aside but that some advanced users have taken advantage of.

If you are not an advanced user and are not up to date with our blog, it is best you focus on the green bets. That is all you need and the service you are paying for.

1. Hide Bets

When activating this option, an eye is displayed at the event that you can use to hide whichever bet you want.

Ocultar apuesta WinnerOdds

For example, if you place a bet that you have not completed and decide not to bet on this player anymore.

2. Bookmakers Without Monitored Odds

If you activate this option, a series of NOT monitored bookmakers is displayed in your Bookmaker panel.

We have no information on these Bookmakers’ odds but have included them in the options for you to check the bets you place in them.

You can check the updated list of bookmakers that WinnerOdds offers at:

If you normally use any of these bookmakers to place your bets, activate the list in the “Houses > Other Bookmakers” tab, and you will be able to use it to check your bets placed at these bookmakers by clicking on the “+” button displayed at the end of the bookmaker’s row.


3. Bet Filter

If you activate the red bet filter, all live bets (to be played) that were green at some point are displayed.

That is, there are bets that at some point, at all of your active bookmakers, drop below the Minimum Odd and, therefore, are no longer displayed among the green ones to keep you from betting on them.

Apuestas Rojas WinnerOdds

We have created this filter because there are users that want to see all the bets that were, at some point, green and that were not able to bet on, and see if they can take advantage of these bets at the beginning of a match or at market closing.

We do not recommend to activate them since they are odds below the Minimum Odd.

4. LIVE: Live Betting – Appendix II

Note: This section is for expert users only. If you are not familiar with the method we urge you to come back when you are sure you are using it correctly.

By activating the Live box, you see all picks (green and red) that WinnerOdds has posted and that are being played live.

Apuestas Live WinnerOdds

Experts users can use this option and pour every bit of information out of this method.

By activating the Live filter, the matches stream live until they are over. This option allows you to wait until the beginning of the match, when the odds tend to quickly change, to find new chances.

In case you find a match scoring still at 0-0, where our player’s odd is increased and surpasses the MinOdd. then you can place a bet and check it in your betting history.

To show the matches that are probably already started and distinguish them from the rest, a ball is displayed in the upper right hand corner of the bet recommendation in the ODDS tab.

Live WInnerOdds

Important: Place bets only if the match is still at 0-0 (or if tied at 1-1 at the first set and there had been no breakpoints). If you bet under other conditions, you will be doing it in the dark, risking placing a bet while not having the information from the WinnerOdds method, whose calculations are based on pre-game information and do not take into account any variables or events from a live match.

And always remember NEVER to place a bet under the Minimum Odd.

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