How it works

WinnerOdds is an application that calculates probabilities of sports events, based in an Artificial Intelligence algorithm, that automatically finds Value bets to invest in the global sports betting market.

Below, we explain in for simple points how does WinnerOdds works:

1. Estimation of real probabilities by using Artificial Intelligence

WinnerOdds analyses carefully more than 400.000 professional tennis matches, obtaining many statistics and using Neural Networks (an Artificial Intelligence method) that learns with this big data set, and estimates the real probabilities of all future tennis matches (ATP/ WTA / CH / ITF).

2. Calculation of the Minimum Profitable Odds for each forecast

The method selects the forecasts for the players that fulfil some requirements, and with the estimated real probabilities, it calculates the Minimum Profitable Odds in order to bet on those players.

3. Finds inefficiencies in the bookmakers

When the bookmakers publish their odds, WinnerOdds compares them with the Minimum Profitable Odds and detects inefficiencies to bet on. These bets, also known as Value Bets, are highlighted in green in the application, and WinnerOdds sends an e-mail notification so you can bet taking advantage

4. Updates the calculated value until the closing of the market

That’s not all. Since the bookmakers publish their odds, until the match starts (closing lines), the system continues adding new information from the market, used to update the value of the Minimum Profitable Odds in case trends are detected. The result of this mixed technic between real probabilities estimation and monitorization of the market to absorb new information is the Dynamic Minimum Profitable Odds.


Any doubts?
If you still have any doubts about how WinnerOdds system works, we recommend you to take a look to the 'Before starting'. You can also contact us to ask anything you want to know.


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