Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Do I have to place all bets that WinnerOdds offers to obtain the average return per user?
Do I have to make any decision? Are there differences between strategies? Which one is the most profitable?
What happens if the odds forecasted drop before the bet is placed?
What is your stake strategy? How is the size of each bet calculated?
What is the maximum risk taken by the WinnerOdds system?
What range of odds does WinnerOdds forecast within? What is your success rate?
On average, how much time is spent on making all those bets per month?
Do you verify your Picks with any service? Why should I trust WinnerOdds?
If I use WinnerOdds, will I end up being limited by the bookmakers?
Do you only have Tennis forecasts? Why? Are you going to add any another sport?


What are WinnerOdds advantages over the other premium tipsters?
What can I do to make lots of money fast?
What is a Minimum Profitable Odd or MinOdd?
Does the application update the bookmakers' odds?
Can I place bets through WinnerOdds?
How many bookmakers is it recommended to start with?
What Minimum Bankroll amount do you recommend to start with?


Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?
Do I get a partial refund if I cancel my subscription in the middle of the month?
Does WinnerOdds have any type of minimum subscription time?
Can a friend use my account?
Cancel subscription. How do I cancel my subscription?
Is WinnerOdds a monthly plan subscription or can I subscribe at anytime?
How to change your payment method from an active subscription


Why can't I find a match in the bookmaker that is shown at WinnerOdds?
When does a match disappear in WinnerOdds? At the beginning or end of the match?
Can I log in my account from different devices?
What happens if I do not check a bet after placing it?
How often should I check to see if there are new odds?
Why is a bookmaker's odd red if it complies with the required minimum odd?
Why is it that a green odd I place a bet on and check later shows as checked and in red?
WO is not loading correctly. Is it possible that I have to update the browser or use another one?
Why is it that sometimes the tournament names do not match with the ones posted in WinnerOdds?
Can I use WinnerOdds betting recommendations to place combined bets?
What do the statistics shown in 'General Betting History' and 'My Betting History' represent?
There haven´t been any new recommendations for hours... Is there something wrong?


How is the bet amount calculated?
Why are there ORANGE odds? Is it convenient to bet on matches with orange odds?
How could it be that the betting history wins much more than me?
How much bankroll can I lose using WinnerOdds?
Why are low odd matches lost if they should be sure victories?
Why do some odds lower so soon without giving me enough time to place a bet on them?
When is it convenient to close a bet?
Can I place a live bet if the match has already started?
If when I am about to place a bet the match has just started, can I invest if the odd has not changed? What if there has been just a few minutes?
If I'm watching the match live and see that the other player is winning over the one I bet on and THINK that 'my' player is going to lose, is it worth closing the bet to save what I can?

Bookmakers and Bets

When should I withdraw money from a bookmaker?
Why can bookmakers limit the bet amount or cancel an account?
Which one is the best bookmaker to start betting at?

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