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WinnerOdds does the thinking, while you place your bet and win

10 reasons why WinnerOdds is a great investment


Real probabilities estimation and dynamic updates. Bet only when you have an advantage.

WinnerOdds calculates his own real probabilities, usually even before than the bookmakers’ odds publication. By comparing our estimated probability to the bookmakers probability, it finds inefficiencies, which you can use to take advantage over the bookmakers (Value Bets). With WinnerOdds, you receive the predictions as soon as the value bet is detected, so you can take advantage of the whole duration of the odds, while they have value, in order to complete your bet.

WinnerOdds Value Betting Software

How WinnerOdds Works


Know the advantage you have over the bookmaker for every forecast

Due to the fact that WinnerODds has a precise estimation of the probabilites, you can know from which minimum odds you have an advantage over the bookmaker and you can bet to find value. The Minimum Profitable Odds are the Odds from which WinnerOdds has found profitability. You only have to bet in a bookmaker with higher odds. Nothing else.

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Compare at a glance between bookmakers in order to find the higher odds and follow their evolution

WinnerOdds shows the available odds in real time, available in more than 35 monitorized bookmakers.

Then, you can bet always with the more profitable odds, so you can increase your profit and reduce losses

Bookmakers monitored by WinnerOdds


Monitoring the profitable odds

Odds change continuously, and our system knows that. We review and update every few minutes the actual odds value, highlighting the profitable odds in green, so you bet always with positive expected value (EV+).

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With a comprehensive betting interface, very easy to use, in order to complete the bets in a few minutes, from you mobile phone

You don’t need to be an expert punter to win with WinnerODds. We have developed a tool that simplifies the betting process, that can be used in all your devices.

1. Filters to visualize the results easily
2. Minimum Profitable Odds for every match
3. Bet amount calculated automatically according to the bankroll
4. More than 20 bookmakers monitorized
5. “Totalize” tool in order to divide the stake easily and quickly between several bookmakers
6. Mark and register your bets including the bet size
7. Value bets are highlighted in green when the bookmakers’ odds are higher than the Minimum Profitable Odds

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Regularity, stability and high volume of bets, with more than 5000 recommended value bets per year

WinnerOdds is a statistical method based in Artificial Intelligence algorithms that offers 450 picks per month on average. An average user can follow around 60% of all the recommended picks.

WinnerOdds es un método estadístico que, basado en el uso de algoritmos de Inteligencia Artificial

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“Totalize” your bets dividing your stake between several bookmakers

Totalize a bet: Complete the total recommended stake for a single bet.

As your bankroll grows, it can happen that, due to the bookmakers restrictions, or due to the market liquidity, you cannot complete the recommended bet size in one bookmaker.
With the “Totalize” tool, you can divide your stake easily and quickly between several bookmakers. The pending bet amount is updated automatically, so you can bet the maximum amount allowed in each bookmaker.

As you introduce the amount wagered in each bookmaker, WinnerOdds updates the pending amount in the remaining bookmakers, according to their monitored odds, their value and your bankroll, until you can complete the recommended stake. Then, that match is highlighted as “Totalized”.


Follow performance in detail every time you want

WinnerOdds gives you tracking tool in order to control precisely and professionally your profit evolution. Thus, you can know your investment performance in detail.


Automatically calculated bet size based in the bankroll and the value of the bet (Kelly Criterion)

WinnerOdds calculates automatically the recommended bet size as a function of the bankroll and the value of each bet, depending on the odds in each bookmaker, pointing the exact amount you have to bet.

We use a modification of the Kelly Criterion (by limiting the maximum and minimum profit per bet), so the bet size is a Variable Stake strategy. The higher difference between the bookmakers’ odds and the Minimum Profitable Odds, the higher expected value.
The bet size is adjusted depending on the bankroll in order to reduce the bankruptcy risk and making the profit grow progressively and exponentially.

Stake Variable Criterio de Kelly Tamaño de Apuesta Cuota Mínima


Automated notifications when there are new picks

We will notify you by email or Telegram when new bets are available so you do not have to refresh the page and you can optimize your time.

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