Before starting

Dear user,

What you see before your eyes is a product developed for users with experience in investing in sports betting, or somewhat familiar with investment systems and methods for multiple transactions similar to the stock market. However, we have developed a simple gateway and operating system for new and experienced users to place bets using WinnerOdds.

Our betting system is based on a robust system that has been tested in over 12,000 transactions since March, 2016. Nevertheless, it is important that you keep in mind that besides the sports betting variability, the method’s profitability is not the same for all users and very much depends on your ability to understand how it works and how to follow our recommendations.

At WinnerOdds we work on having a small group of users who are well prepared and make the most out of the information we provide. We want to make sure that you understand the most important concepts in order to use the method, as well as WinnerOdds betting strategic variables which entirely depend on you, and you must know before starting.

Profitable Odds

WinnerOdds is a exclusive and new betting recommendation system. It uses information from large databases and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to search, find, and constantly show you Profitable Odds in sports betting.

Profitable Odds are odds that are paid over their real value according to their actual probability. They are good investments.

Profitable Odds

The first rule in sports betting is that there’s no such thing as a match result foreteller, nor betting high amount to be placed to win lots of money in a short period of time. At WinnerOdds, bets are not placed on match result prediction or probability. At WinnerOdds, investment is made on Profitability Odds. The safe way to win money in this market is by constantly investing only in long-term bets with Positive Expected Value.

EV+ Method (positive expected value)

EV+ refers to investment that in average obtain a positive result long term. Since WinnerOdds only shows Profitable Odds, it can be defined as an EV+ method.

A single bet can always be lost but if you bet using the positive expected value (EV+) method, in time and a high number of picks in your betting history you’ll be winning money.

Note: in sports betting, the Expected Value is calculated as EV=P·C-1, where P is the winning probability and C is the betting odd. If P>1/C, the Expected Value is positive

There are no users who have not won money after a 1,000 picks. There is less than 5% of users that lose under 500 picks.

Bet on all bets we show you and bet fast.

This means that if you are going to use our application, your goal is to place bets as many bets as possible on the green everyday. The more and faster the better.

The more the better because when using a method based on positive profitability, the higher number of EV+ bets, the less the variance.
(Nowadays, an average user usually places between 300 and 400 bets per month.)

The faster you place them the better since bookmakers offer initial odds to later change them according to the users who are placing bets. That means that the most profitability odds drop very fast because there are other gamblers (not necessarily WinnerOdds users) who can detect the value of green odds and place bets at the same time.

If you have access to your mobile phone 3 or 4 times a day, or are able to place bets at anytime during the day after receiving email notifications, you will make the most out of our method.

Hit Rate

WinnerOdds locates Profitable Odds in different bet amounts, from low to high.

Minimum Hit Rate

The green curve indicates the minimum hit rate percentage (theoretical – by odd range) from which profits are obtained by inverting the recommendations calculated by WinnerOdds. The yellow curve is the representation of an average user results with a betting history of over a year and 300 picks per month.

Making money by betting is basically the following: on each odd range, surpass the minimum hit rate to obtain profits. If the winning percentage is over the required minimum for the expected value to be positive, you’ll be making money.


To take advantage of the application you need to have a bankroll or investment pool in at least a bookmaker to place bets according to the application recommendations.

WinnerOdds tells you the exact amount you are to invest on each bet. The amount is automatically calculated on each bet by a stake variable between 0.75% and 2% based on your bankroll and the expected value on each transaction. Imagine that with a €1,000 bankroll, each bet you place receives profits between €7.5 and €20.

So, in order to use the application to its fullest, you must be persistent and place bets at the recommended green odds everyday. Once you understand the dynamic, your bankroll will start to grow. The higher the bankroll the higher the profits.

If you also have accounts in different bookmakers that are monitored by WinnerOdds, you can choose the best odd by comparison for the investments to be even more profitable.

If you are ready to start, consider WinnerOdds as a medium/long term investment. That is, even though the subscriptions are monthly, you must remember that we recommend using the application for at least 3 months to obtain enough information to analyze your bet progress.


Using WinnerOdds is a medium/high risk investment and a high mid-term (months) profitability .

To increase profits and turn our application into one of the best investment experiences, we recommend the following:

  1. Carefully read all the information you send you as well as the manuals and frequently asked questions available at your user’s page.
  2. Follow our recommendations and ask whatever you want. We are always available to help you, anytime.
  3. The money you use on placing bets ought to be money you can spare and that you are able to invest long-term.
  4. Remember that investing you don’t win or lose until the bet is closed. You can enjoy the winnings and also stand by the losses. Keep in mind the Hit Rate graph and that because of the type of investment offered by the sports betting market, the profits fluctuate in expected value due to this variance.

This letter is meant to be upfront with you even if you are not a WinnerOdds member yet. If you have gone this far and clearly understand all the concepts, then you are ready to receive high profits on your investments by using our application.


Miguel Figueres
WinnerOdds Founder and CEO

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